Cayo’s Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Here at Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa is proud to be part of an ever-growing eco-friendly community in Greece and worldwide. We get inspired and try to inspire others aiming at an ecologically sustainable and environmentally responsible future. Cayo’s green projects and initiatives focus on four areas.

Bioclimatic architecture

• Eco-friendly design.
• Cayo’s experts collect the freshest seasonal products, locally sourced from selected eco-friendly farms.
• The resort’s organic garden produces seasonal herbs.

Latest Technology

  • During summer, solar panels ensure that more than 60% of the accommodation’s water gets warm from the sun.

  • All Cayo’s pools use the latest technology in water recycling.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

Environmental responsibility

1. Energy Saving.
2. Recycling.
3. Single-use plastics minimization.
4. Sustainable Paper Consumption.
5. Waste management.
6. Composted bins.
7. ISO accredited eco-friendly cleansing and sanitization products.


We adopt a farm-to-fork ethos. Dishes use the freshest ingredients and locally sourced produce from selected eco-friendly farms and the resort’s organic garden.

Clean Air

We promise to enhance your journey
at Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa with an abundance of flavors, colors, and memories

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