Cayo’s grand pools

Cayo has two grand swimming pools (188 m2 and 160 m2). Each has its own beautifully decorated area and lovely sunbeds and umbrellas. Cayo’s guests can enjoy a day by the water savoring a magnificent view of the islet of Spinalonga and the surrounding hills.

Fitness Center

For those in an athletic mood, Cayo’s fitness center offers the latest in training and cardiovascular exercise equipment.


With its fabulous view, Cayo’s outdoor amphitheater offers the ideal stage to enjoy theatrical and musical performances & cultural events

Conference & Meeting Rooms

At CAYO Exclusive Resort & Spa, corporations, foundations, institutions, and professionals seeking to combine business with leisure, will find the ideal setting. CAYO’s facilities includes one main conference room and two smaller meeting rooms. A spacious, beautifully decorated foyer is available to participants. CAYO’s team of experts ensures flawless preparation and execution of conferences, meetings, and workshops. The facilities offer a total capacity of 180 guests.


 is CAYO’s leading conference room with a capacity of 150 guests.


is a stand-alone meeting room with a capacity of 22 guests.


 is a stand-alone meeting room with a capacity of 8 guests.

Cayo's spot on Plaka's pebble beach

Cayo’s guests will find umbrellas, sunbeds, and towels on its designated spot on the beach of Plaka. Our beach staff is available to help. Transfer to and from the accommodation to the beach is available upon request from 10.00 -19:00 hrs. Stone Beach by Cayo is located just a few meters away, promising to mesmerize you with its discreet flavors and unique cocktails.

Shopping at Cayo

Cayo’s elegant boutique with its distinctive vibe, stylish clothing, jewelry, and luxury goods of unique identity will make you feel right at home. Handpicked creations from innovative Greek designers and artists will enchant your senses. The boutique’s attentive staff will be pleased to assist and make sure you dress in style.

Electric vehicle charging station

The resort has an electric vehicle charging station capable of simultaneously charging eight electric vehicles, two with fast charging (mode3) and six through a standard A/C socket. The station serves our guests’ vehicles and the resort’s club cars. Guests with electric vehicles can obtain charging cards from the Reception.


Those in an adventurous mood can enjoy a variety of watersports offered in the Plaka beach area. Choices include kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and scuba diving. Professional instructors are available to guide your sea adventures.

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